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Digital Workflow

Digital workflow at Royal Dental Lab

Royal Dental Lab is well-known for its team of expert professionals and comprehensive resources that specialise in assisting clinicians using digital impression systems. We use advanced computer-aided technology throughout the production process to consistently create well-fitting restorations from modern materials.

Royal Dental Lab accepts files from various scanners with open systems, including brands like:

Find Us: and connect our lab to your account on iTero.


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Find Us: search for Partners "Royal Dental Lab" and connect our lab to your account on Medit.

By embracing the benefits of intraoral scanning technology, the lab follows a streamlined workflow:


<span style="font-weight:100!important;padding-right:5px">/</span> Sending Digital Impressions

/ Sending Digital Impressions

Once the scanner captures the impression, clinicians can easily send the data directly to the lab using established connections and following the scanner system manuals. For open systems, clinicians also have the option to securely email the scan data to the lab.


<span style="font-weight:100!important;padding-right:5px">/</span> Digital Case Design

/ Digital Case Design

Royal Dental Lab uses advanced dental design software for most of the case design process. Our skilled technicians shape each aspect of the restoration precisely, ensuring a perfect fit, optimal function, and pleasing appearance. This digital design process eliminates errors found in traditional impressions and stone models, resulting in higher accuracy for the final restoration.


<span style="font-weight:100!important;padding-right:5px">/</span> Digital Production

/ Digital Production

Once the digital restoration design is finalised, the lab transfers the design file to the appropriate production team. The team customises the fabrication process to match the specific material and restoration requirements provided by the clinician. Regardless of the type of impression received, all restorations are meticulously crafted with the help of cutting-edge technologies and advanced techniques.