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Royal Dental Lab: your choice for Dental Implants


Royal Dental Lab: your choice for Dental Implants

Royal Dental Lab’s Implant Department boasts a skilled team of implant specialists who collaborate closely with you to plan the most suitable implant treatment for your patients' best interest. With our expert advice and extensive experience, we offer customised solutions to cater to your patients' specific implant needs.

We provide a wide range of major implant brands such as MEGAGEN, ANKYLOS, BIOHORIZON, OSSTEM, SWEDEN AND MARTINA and custom implant hardware options to ensure optimal fit and function. Our expertise extends to both digital and conventional fabrications, covering a comprehensive range of implant dental products.

Authentic Manufacturer Hardware

At Royal Dental Lab, we are committed to using authentic manufacturer hardware for implant restorations. We have made significant investments in advanced CAD/CAM Digital Dental systems specifically for Implant prosthesis, catering to various indications such as:

Screw-retained Crowns and Bridges

Custom Abutments

Implant Crown and Bridge

All-on-4 Full Monolithic Zirconia

Acrylic on Titanium Bar

Zirconia Titanium Bar

Zirconia on Ti-bases

Zirconia Thimble Bar

Porcelain Bonded non-precious Implant Bridge

At Royal Dental Lab, we hold a strong belief in the importance of effective communication and providing exceptional customer service. Our goal is to assist you in finding the best possible solution for your patients, ensuring their optimal dental care.